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Take a look at our work to see a few examples of our past plumbing renovation projects.


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Water Meter

Replaced an old water meter and galvanized piping with a larger meter and copper piping to help with increased water flow to over 100 units of a townhouse complex. Also replaced seized isolation valves for future servicing of the meter and townhouse units.

Water Softener

Replaced an old water softener with an upgraded model due to low water pressure being delivered throughout the home.  The water pressure was decreased due to clogged resin beads inside of the water softener. Attempted to clean the resin beads with a resin cleaner but due to the age of the water softener and extent of the problem, it needed to be replaced.

Plumbing Rough-In 

Sometimes a job only requires a rough-in for future plumbing. This job is a rough-in for a commercial wash station, using PVC venting and drainage piping, and copper water piping.

Sewage Pit

This sewage pit was installed as there was no gravity drainage available in the basement underground, so this was needed in order to pump out the sewage to the available drainage above ground.

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